…  sees her paintings as a mirror of her own (subconscious) inner processes. When the painting is finished – after months or sometimes years – a process or even a life phase has been completed, or is it the other way around? However, even after the finishing of a painting, the symbolism and the predictive character of the paint strokes keep on astonishing her and sometimes the true meaning becomes clear even years after.


The technique that she currently uses is reminiscent of the way medieval icons were painted. Nadine paints with egg tempera, using little strokes and lots of layers to create depth. The gold that is often used in her paintings refers to the gold leaf that medieval icons were usually covered with.

Icons (descended from the Greek word εἰκών = image) as images were to be interpreted between the visual and the transcedental. The painter strove not after imitation of observable reality, but to display a truth that transcends appearances.